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          Shiweitong Spring Basketball League of 2021

          Time:2021-04-09 08:40:00 訪問量:2272

          After the careful organization and planning of the preparation group, the "2021 Spring Basketball League of Shiweitong" was held on the basketball court of the company on the afternoon of April 8th. Union president Ming Xinjie made a speech at the opening ceremony to kick off the competition.

          The competition is divided into two stages, the first stage is a round robin, using the circular points system; The second stage is the final, will compete for the final champion, second and third place. There are four teams in the competition.

          The first game is the production of A teams VS B team, the field attack and defense rhythm is intense, the atmosphere is warm. Shouting and cheering, basketball athletes are running positive, coherent action, tacit cooperation, strong strength. You got off to a good start, and I have strong staying power -- the indomitable sportsmanship inspired the friends who watched the match.

          Race out of level, more race out of friendship. Congratulations to all our teams! Here's a look at the highlights:

          [Photo by Wang Zhihui]

          First game result: Team B wins

          There will be 6 matches in the future, which will be wonderful. We are looking forward to it together!

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