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      • InGaAs Photodetector Chip and TO-CAN
      • InGaAs PIN Photodetector
      • Lithium Niobate Phase Modulator

      InGaAs Photodetector Chip and TO-CAN

      The key features
      ● High responsiveness
      ● Low dark current
      ● Fast response time
      ● High stability and reliability

      Application field

      ● Optical power detection
      ● Analog optical receiving module
      ● Digital optical receiver
      ● Single-fiber three-way components and modules
      ● Optical fiber sensor

      Planar semiconductor design and medium passivation

      ● Low capacitance, low dark current, high responsiveness
      ● Lens cap package
      ● Airtight package, 100% electric aging
      ● Low accord with GR468 - core

      Main performance index (T = 25℃)

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